Sources of instruments and supplies I use

Joel Robinson

"Saxon" model Baroque oboe, eight-keyed early Romantic oboe after Floth, Eichentopf model oboe d'amore, oboe da caccia, two-keyed classical oboes, Venetian Denner oboe (A=440), Renaissance shawms in D, C, and G; bocals, shaper tips, custom machine work (also clarinets, shawms, and bagpipes)

Joel Robinson Historical Woodwinds
29505 SW Montebollo Dr.
Wilsonville OR 97070

(917)675-2825 (call or text)

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Instruments Jonathan Bosworth
From December 2006, hautboy models formerly made by Jonathan are being made, sold, and serviced by Joel Robinson. For contact info, see above.

If you want to see what Jonathan is doing now, click here


The Italian staple-maker Chiarugi is now making mass-produced Baroque hautboy staples in lengths of 50, 57, and 60mm. I use the 50mm "H2" ones for the Saxon oboe, it also works for many Stanesby models; they also offer a slightly wider "H3" model. The 60mm ones are intended for Denner models. Chiarugi also makes staples for Classical oboes in 42mm and 44mm lengths, I use the 44mm ones for my Floth copy instruments. These are available from Krebs & Heinrich (KREEDO) and other suppliers.

52mm "B" staple for Saxon oboe, 49mm "B" staple for Stanesby, 40mm "C" staple for classical are produced by
Rick Seraphinoff

Shaper tips Westwind Double Reed—Hammer #1 model (Baroque) and Hammer "C" model (Classical)
The oboist and machinist Bob Hubbard, one of America's leading makers of reed tools, has consented to produce and sell shaper tips for early oboes. The H1 tip is designed to be used with a Joel Robinson "Saxon" oboe and a Chiarugi 50mm staple; this is a medium-width shape, about 9.5mm at the tip. A wider version, the Hammer #2, is also available, and version for late 18th-century Dresden-style oboes such as Floth and Grenser, about 8.8mm wide, has recently gone into production. For more information see the Westwind Double Reed website.
Cane and staples Stephen Bard
Stephen is one of the best young American players, and gouges cane on the side. Carefully selected cane from several growers, precisely processed.
Modern and historical cane Nick Deutsch
A German shop, high quality cane and accurate gouging and shaping. A wide variety of diameters and shapes is offered.  Not always quick in filling an order, but excellent stuff
Modern and historical staples Krebs & Heinrich GbR
Jürgen Krebs
Another German site, supplier of  staples from Guercio, Chiarugi, etc, which can be useful in making reeds for classical and Romantic instruments, also some historical staples.  He has a very handy list of staple dimensions you can access by clicking  here
Reed cases for oboe and hautboy Harris Case Company
Harris Choo makes a variety of beautifully finished walnut, cherry, and mahogany reed cases.  He accepts custom orders, and recently made me two very nice cases for seven hautboy reeds.
Modern oboes Yamaha YOB-841 --  this model was designed with the help of Richard Woodhams, principal oboist of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and is used by a growing number of symphonic players in America.  It has a large bore (for a Conservatoire oboe), and interestingly, the bell is copied from one by Kohlert that was favored by John de Lancie, this makes for a mellow sound, easy reed-making, and a  familiar feel for players of Baroque and classical oboes
English horn Waldemar Bhosys, ca 1965 -- like the early Laubin horns, a custom-bored Malerne body, made at the time both Bhosys and Al Laubin were working at the Chessarini shop in "Oboe City," Queens.