"Mr Pedersen playing the oboe" -- possibly the first oboe recording

Composer (last, first): 
anonymous, Adam

This file is sent from Denmark by the hautboyist Claus Johansen. He writes:

Dear oboeloving friends.
Here I send you a sensation from Copenhagen. A recording of "mr. P. Pedersen playing the oboe" For me this sounds more like a cor anglais!
The playing is very interesting indeed, and the recording as well. Its probably the oldest "oboe"-recording in the world.
It was made on a Edison-phonograf by the enthusiast Mr. Ruben. He made lots of recordings of musicians, singers and actors from Copenhagen. All this material has been at the State-library in Århus for many many years. Nobody has been allowed to listen to these recordings for at least 60 years. Now at last they are free.
About the music: The first piece is some popular polka from here, I know I have heard it before perhaps in a version for trumpet. The second one is a slow aria. According to my friend opera producer Henrik Engelbrecht from the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen its a tenor aria by Adolphe Adam from the opera "Si j' étais Roi".

The recording is really old. The man who made it, konsul Ruben got his phongraf and started working in 1889 and nobody continued the recording-work after his death. According to Engelbrecht and the experts from Århus there is no doubt my dear friends: The amazing playing of Mr. Pedersen was recorded here in Copenhagen some time between 1889 and 1897!

About the artist: No trace. He was NOT a member of The Royal Orchestra, but he could have played in the band of the Royal Life Guards or in one of the popular orchestras playing at Tivoli or in the smaller theaters and bigger restaurants here. I will continue research until I find something.
Hope you enjoy this, its free to use, and PLEASE do send me your comments:
Have a nice summer and enjoy the amazing staccato of Mr. Pedersen.

Many friendly regards from
Claus Johansen